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Ready to unleash your inner lash boss? Buckle up and get ready for our 2-day small group lash course, designed to launch your lash career like a dang firework. We've got you covered - from lash styling to mastering client communication, setting up a killer lash business, and even the secret sauce of flawless application and retention. Get your hands dirty (literally) with not one, but TWO real-life models, so you can conquer any lash line or eye type that comes your way. We leave no stone unturned to ensure you're armed with the tools to become the most sought-after lash professional in your area, and let's be honest, the world. Get ready to build a thriving lash empire and make every damn client's lash dreams come true. The future is fierce, my friend. Let's slay it!

classic course

for beginners or those who need a refresher on the basics of lashing.

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Prepare to amp up your lash artistry with our intense 2-day small group advanced lash training. We're here to arm you with killer skills and techniques that will leave your competition in the dust. Delve into fanning techniques, advanced mapping, curls, and retention mastery to take your lash game to the next level. We'll also unravel the mysteries of pricing your services, building your brand, and dominating your local lash scene. Embrace this opportunity to unleash your creative genius and expertise in the dynamic world of lashing. 

advanced course

for those that have mastered the basics and want to elevate their artistry.

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online lash lift course

In the year 2021 when I was a full-time lash artist/esthetician, I made over $10k with just lash lifts alone. This service is extremely simple and only takes about 45 min-1 hr. Stop losing clients over a lash extension allergy and give them another option w/ lash lifts! This service is also perfect for clients who do not have time for the maintenance of lash extensions as they only need to come back every 6-8 weeks. The best part is - lash lifts are relatively low in cost for the artist AND you'll get a little break in your day from slaving over lash extensions!

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